Riconnessioni è un progetto della Compagnia di San Paolo realizzato da Fondazione per la Scuola

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How can schools today face the challenges of tomorrow?

Schools have always faced the challenge of preparing children for a future which they could not predict. Our children must be equipped with the tools they need to face whatever their future may hold. Riconnessioni is a three year project sponsored by Compagnia di San paolo and run by Fondazione per la Scuola in partnership with Open Fiber, aimed at supporting the transformation of our schools, making them fit for the future. Riconnessioni is a model for educational innovation on a national scale, starting from Turin.

What does Riconnessioni do?

Riconnessioni brings systemic change to primary and lower secondary schools, accompanying them through processes of technological, organisational, and educational innovation. Teachers, students, and parents will join a strong and stable community, enabling schools to become powerful agents of social change. By signing an agreement on educational innovation, the schools which join Riconnessioni will become part of a 4-phase transformation.

1 - Infrastructure:
fibre optic broadband in all school buildings.

Riconnessioni invests directly in infrastructure. Thanks to partnerships with national and international organizations from both the public and the private sector, all participating schools will be equipped with fibre optic broadband internet connectivity (started in Turin, but soon to include other Italian cities).

2 - Broadband in every classroom,
at the flick of a switch!

High-speed internet in every classroom with wired and wireless access points: users will be able to go online easily and quickly from anywhere in each school, at any time.

3 - Better services:
cloud based-schools.

​How will this state of the art infrastructure be used? At the moment, schools gather data through different incompatible platforms, mixing digital and analog repositories. Riconnessioni provides schools with a platform (a cloud for schools) designed to harmonize and synthesize data and procedures, guaranteeing accessibility and transparency to all users. This will greatly contribute to alleviate our schools’ administrative burden.

4 - Innovative pedagogy:
teaching for the future.

Riconnessioni is a community of teachers, parents, and students, coming together to co-design the future of teaching. The project’s core mission is to promote innovative ideas and practices, bringing together schools a in a continuous development journey in which technology is invisible (because it is available, reliable, and safe) and instrumental (not an end in itself) to learning. A crucial aspect of the project will thus be the support provided to teachers through innovative continuing professional development programs on the use of technology in the classroom.

Who is Riconnessioni?

Riconnessioni is a Compagnia di San Paolo project, run by Fondazione per la Scuola in partnership with OpenFiber and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research, the Piedmont Office of Education, and the city of Turin.


Ludovico Albert
Presidente Fondazione per la Scuola
Nicola Crepax
Direttore Fondazione per la Scuola
Lorenzo Benussi
Direttore di Riconnessioni
Barbara Bertetto
amministrazione, organizzazione
Chiara Ciociola
coordinamento, formazione, sviluppo progetti
Elisabetta De Martino
coordinamento, internazionalizzazione, relazioni con le scuole
Marcello Maggiora
Marcello Enea Newman
didattica innovativa, internazionalizzazione
Matteo Pastore
spazi educativi, didattica innovativa
Flavio Renga
didattica innovativa, tecnologie, sviluppo progetti
Veronica Ruberti
didattica innovativa, comunicazione
Giovanni Luca Spoto
reti, tecnologie

collaboratori / consulenti

Elena Actis
relazioni istituzionali
Paolo Giovine
editoria digitale
Salvatore Giuliano
formazione innovazione
Roberta Levi
relazioni con le scuole
Elena Piastra
innovazione scolastica

Amici di Riconnessioni

Mario Castoldi
innovazione didattica
Claudio Giovanni Demartini
pensiero computazionale
Benedetto Di Rienzo
management della scuola
Marco Mezzalama
Presidente del Comitato di Indirizzo, strategie

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